Top 10 Light Weight Best Scooty for Girls with Price

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scooty for girls with price

Check here best light weight best scooty for girls with price. Here you also check 10 best scooty for girls, ladies, working women in light weight with price.

Women and men have different tastes, such as motorcycles. In general, men prefer performance and style, and women want practicality, safety and comfort. And it’s no wonder women prefer safety, reliability, and comfort when choosing a bike because of their mother’s instincts. Manufacturers of motorcycles and scooters are increasingly offering cars suitable for women.

With the desire to be self-sufficient and self-sufficient, more and more Indian women have brought chakras into their hands. The Indian automotive industry is the most profitable partner in this changing outlook. Currently, the demand for lightweight motorcycles is increasing. In the motorcycle segment, which is already under development, cyclists are giving the scooter segment even more inspiration. Motorcycles are considered the preferred mode of transportation for most women and have other benefits.

Top 10 Light Weight Best Scooty for Girls with Price, Two Wheelers for Ladies and Working Women

At management and handling, scooters come with fewer points compared to motorcycles; However, there are vulture scooters for girls and women in the Indian market to meet this requirement. Some of them are below.

1. TVS Scooty Pep Plus-95kg.

The approximate price of TVS Scooty PepPlus is Rs 39,995, but you need to check this price again in your city. It offers a mileage of 68km / h and is very economical for commuters. It also has an 88cc engine that provides 5hp stopping power at 6500rpm. The maximum speed that can be displayed is 70 km / h. Ideal for lightweight motorcycles.

TVs Scooty Pep is lightweight and is currently the most affordable scooter in India. The height of the Scooty Pep Seat is very small compared to other scooters, which becomes a scooter that can be bought if the height is low. TVs scooty PEP specifications, features, price, and other details:

Available Colour Schemes:

  • Frosted Black
  • Vivacious Purple
  • Nero Brown
  • Nero Blue
  • Princess Pink
  • Nero Peach

2. Suzuki Let’s-98kg.

With a price of 50,701 and a mileage of 64 km, this scooter is affordable for those who want wings. Suzuki is powered by a 112cc engine that provides 8.50 horsepower stopping power. One of the lightest in this segment, a full tank with a 5.2-liter fuel tank can travel nearly 260km. It is also equipped with a convenient mobile charging point and storage cabinet.

Available Colour Schemes:

  • Pearl Mirage White
  • Orange / Matte Black
  • Glass Sparkle Black
  • Royal Blue / Matte Black.

3. Honda Activa-i: 103 kg.

The Honda Activa is heavier than the Suzuki Lets and TVS Scooty Pep Plus but is still one of the lightest models available on the Indian market. This is a cosmetic update and a lightweight version of the Honda Activa. With a price of 50285, a mileage of 66 km, and a top speed of 83 km / h, this scooter is one of the top sellers in this segment. The engine output is 109.19cc and produces a braking force of 8CV. Like Honda, people commit with confidence.

Available Colour Schemes:

  • Orchid Purple Metallic
  • Lush Magenta Metallic
  • Neo-Orange Metallic
  • Black
  • Imperial Red Metallic

4. Yamaha Fascino- 103 kg.

Fascino is a lifestyle scooter in the automotive market. The engine supplies 113cc, which also provides 7hp of stopping power. The scooter has 130m drum brakes and a 5.2-liter fuel tank on each side. The market price of this scooter is 56,082 INR and the maximum speed is 85 km / h.

Available Colour Schemes:

  • Sassy Cyan
  • Haute White
  • Blending Blue
  • Fusion Red
  • Unite White
  • Mingling Cya.

5. Yamaha Ray-Z 104 kg.

Designed specifically for female riders and attracting attention. It is powered by a 113cc engine that provides 7hp and 8Nm of torque. It has a mileage of 62 km and a top speed of 86 km / h. Engines are said to be ideal for urban traffic, especially in highly polluted cities. The customer costs Rs 51,919, which is one of Lady Riders’ favorite options. It shines like a light motorcycle.

Available Colour Schemes:

  • Regal Red
  • Astral Blue
  • Moon Walk White
  • True Blue.

6. Ether 450:

Known as the “super scooter,” the Ather 450X is an electric scooter with a future design language. The sharp and elegant design of the Ather 450X makes it especially young and young. Below are the specifications, features, and other details of the Ether 450X.

Key Features:

  • 85 km Range
  • 80 km/h Top Speed
  • 0-40 km/h at 3.3 Seconds
  • Reverse Mode
  • Eco, Ride, Warp Modes
  • Disc Brakes at Front and Real
  • 7” Touchscreen Dashboard
  • 1.3 GHz Snapdragon Processor
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.

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7. Okinawa Light Electric Scooter:

Okinawa is an Indian motorcycle manufacturer of electric vehicles, providing a wide range of electric scooters to Indian consumers. Okinawa offers electric scooters equipped with various vehicles to accommodate a variety of customers. Below are the specifications, features and other information about Okinawa’s “light” electric scooters.

Key Features:

  • Telescopic Suspension
  • Rear Drum Brake with Ceramic System
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • LED Taillight with Defogger
  • Hazard Light Function
  • Colored Digital Instrument Console
  • Projector Headlamp with DRL
  • Start/Stop Button.

8. Hero Pleasure Plus (BS6):

Hero MotoCorp has introduced a BS6 version of the Pleasure Scooter in India with many new features and updates. The new Hero Pleasure Plus features a modern retro design language that appeals to both men and women. The specifications, features, and other details of BS6 Hero Pleasure Plus are as follows.

Key Features:

  • Tubeless Tyres
  • LED Boot Lamp
  • Mobile Charging Port
  • Cubby Hole
  • Integrated Braking System
  • Side Stand Indicator
  • Alloy Wheels.

9. TVS Scoutiest 110:

The TVS Scooter Strike 110 is another scooter with a low seat height for small riders. Scooty Zest is powerful but ergonomic and easy to drive. Women and Lady Riders have easy access to the TVS Scooty Zest with less effort. Below are the specifications, features, pricing, and other details of the TVS Scooty Zest 110.

Key Features:

  • Telescopic Suspension
  • Underseat Storage Light
  • DRL
  • Anti-Skid Tubeless Tyres
  • USB Mobile Charger.

10 TVS NTorq 125 (BS6):

TVS NTorq introduces India’s first Bluetooth scooter and sporty design. BS6 NTorq is powerful, practical, and has very easy-to-use features. Below are the TVS NTorq specifications, features, pricing, and other information.

Key Features:

  • 12-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Telescopic Suspension
  • Disc Brakes
  • DRL
  • External Fuel Fill
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Digital Instrument Console
  • Least Turning Radius for Better Manoeuvrability
  • Engine Kill Switch
  • 22litre Storage
  • USB Mobile Charger

Finally,a few words.

Looking for a lightweight and lightweight car? Check out these “Top 10 Lightweight Roller Riding Bikes for Girls and Women. SmartConnect technology, which helps connect smartphones and devices via Bluetooth, is one of the features that speak for itself.

Check here best light weight best scooty for girls with price. Here you also check 10 best scooty for girls, ladies, working women in light weight with price.

This feature is also useful for navigation, incoming calls, SMS alerts, and Lost Park Location Assistant. If you want to buy only the latest models in this category, read the following article: “Six latest motorcycle models for Indian women.


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