2021 Yamaha YZF R6 Specifications and Expected Price in India.

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YZF R6 Bike Variants

Some motorbikes work with Sharp Sharp YZF R6 with Sharp Sharp YZF R6 with a yamaha razor and packaging quickly. The average runner’s weight to experience the emotion of the brand manufacturer is to experience an average weight of 600cc.

When the 2017 model is finally updated every year, YZF R6 is gently encouraged on a group of pengumpong and shouting up to 16,000 rpm. Powertrain 11, R6 I4 is a variable inlet channel system (YCC-I) and is a modern mapping and accelerator. He also benefited in the 2012 YZF-R1 seal control system for people traveling in the distance, especially in a negative environment.

420 PON Troll Weight Light and the angle will live. We contributed to the spearhead of YZF-R1 in 2015 and the hardware is most resistant. The body panel comes from the MotoGP and is an element of all LED lights and is a delicious motorbike as shown.

 YZF R6 Bike Variants, Mileage, and Colors from Yamaha company.

After 10 years since the 2008 model, there were several amendments with the original model in 2006. The latest information about Yamahas said the customer stopped the word and solved the problem leaving the R6 quote. Brakes, suspension, electronics, style .

The code inspired by YZF-R1M has become a modern body workshop. New silver resistance guarantees a reduction in 8% in the form of traction. M1 MotoGP and excellent LED lights R1 contains central exhaust gases that have been inspired. For more information about Aero, the indicator is assembled into glasses.

New Analog Tachi and TCS 16,500 ARPM and TCS configuration, TCS configuration and ABS mode have new R-1 boards with digital speed with multifunctional screens.

The forks are new and are huge at 43 mm. They have been checked internally for high-specification KYB units and R6 R1. As the new shaft and the forks are too high, the lower triple group has been reduced to give more comments, but the axial diameter is up to 25 mm.

There are new front brakes in the form of large 320 mm semi-floating stainless steel rates (from 310 mm) and Nissin radial press cylinders that operate new four-piston calibrators. Of course, the brakes are a more advanced package so that the ABS has become a standard device.

If the box changes, the geometry is equipped with the main bar and the rotation bar, but the new Slim Elgesio sub-frame is equipped and the fuel tank is transformed and made with aluminum, 1.2 kg lighter.

The rider tank has been transformed into the seat to stop sliding up and is narrow to help the bicycle go around the bicycle during the corner. The height of the seat has not changed and the rider’s triangle is also the same as the previous one.

Yes, your irritability, yes, traveling on the street as MT-09, but if you want the exciting division with the exciting level of daily street, you can not disappoint with YZF -R6.

Yamaha YZF R6. Now Yamaha grew up for you, a dead style bike that brought him, becomes a reason to increase his curve or thirst, and is anxious to ride with his appearance and style. It is available in black lava and midnight colors.

  • 5,50,000 ** Last ex-showroom price.
  • Yamaha YZF R6 Full Specifications‌
  • Engine Specifications
  • Displacement (cc) 599
  • Engine Type 4-Stroke, DOHC, Forward-Inclined Parallel 4-Cylinder, 4-Valves
  • Maximum power 123.7 BHP @ 14500 RPM
  • Maximum torque 65.7 Nm 10500 RPM
  • Starter System Self Start
  • Cooling system Liquid-cooled
  • Gears 6-speed
  • Clutch wet, multiple-disc coil spring
  • Bore (mm) 67
  • Stroke (mm) 42.5

Reviews of SAGMART in Yamaha YZF R6 which is best: YZF R6 is an aerodynamic sports bicycle, which is designed specifically for the track. It is built in the delta-cost-box frame, which gives you the shape of shaving and ultra sensational handling. Presented with a front hood, large fuel tank, and divided seats. Some of their professionals are listed below:

  • Aerodynamic look
  • Excellent performance
  • Completely Fair
  • Dual headlight
  • Dual floating disc brakes.

Real accessories are available for the YZF R6

Real Yamaha accessories, R6.

The electronic package was better updated than the previous model. YCC-T (Yamaha Chip With Throtton Control) and YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Controlled) is administered by the Easy Left Slut bar to be used by TCS (traction control system) mounted. 6 Added levels, 1 for lower infiltration and 6 soft conditions. TCS can also be turned off. Another great improvement is the Quick Shift System (QS), which has provided apartments without a clutch.

The powerful 599cc DOHC 67mm x 42.5mm has not changed the 16-valid engine, but the euro has 4 terms of emissions. By 2020, there are only new colors for us. but we have recently decided that it is time to visit this wonderful machine because our last adventure has been spent three years together.

Power for mileage: 

According to the technical description, the engine of the iconic machine has a displacement of 599cc. This engine produces a maximum of 122 BHP power at 14,500 rpm and provides 65.7 nm of torque at 10,500 rpm with the help of fresh liquid, four times and DOHC unit. In a row, it has a hole of 65.0 mm and a stroke of 42.5 mm. The engine has been presented with a fuel injection system, which takes it in the new performance direction along with a good mileage. Some of its power in the mileage features are listed below:

  • 599cc petrol engine
  • Maximum power at 14,500 RPM is 122 HP
  • Maximum torque at 10,500 RPM is 65.7 Nm
  • Fuel injection system
  • State of the art technology.

Maintenance and riding: 

The skeleton of this bicycle is carefully designed with a cast aluminum frame and other objects. The light handlebar and divided seat bike are convenient and standard, so all the behavior of this bicycle is amazing.  Riding, To be honest, Yamaha is on my first trip in the current YZF R6, I can not wait to go out. None of these is due to the bicycle, heat heavier, heavy backpack, literally a Friday afternoon traffic bumper.

After jumping from the bicycle and taking minutes to take off my leather, I took some deep breaths and looked closely. Yamaha US Chris provided the “Jaffa” painting schema machine and the man looks very sweet, rejecting, and intentional. The main features, such as traction control, quickly selecting, and RAID mode quickly gave me and turned it into a small dough until it was too new and a few clicks.

The odometer.

 We have successfully killed the walls by the Team Blue Ackue, where there is no uncomfortable stagnation with a moderately used clutch and leaving home. It is very long and thin and carved to racer bends in terms of the gap between hands, legs, and vague. The fine motor and the gearbox seemed to be soft and silky. Script tapas – clear and easy to read and correct the correct Reve counter.

It took a few minutes to remember that this model was a quick change, so I started using it and it actually serves as a gift for changing the liquid way. He helped exceed the next 75-minute disappointment, a natural and sweaty traffic to AR 6 is not a natural residence.


 The Concept of Segura March deals with security equipment and advanced technology. Therefore, it comes with sophisticated disc brains and sensitive suspension, which guarantees great stability. Some of its security features are listed below:

  • Twin headlights
  • Hydraulic dual disc brake at the front
  • Hydraulic single disc on the back
  • Front upside-down telescopic fork
  • Monoshock suspension at the rear.

I could not wait to try R6 in 2017. I have traveled in each model and I have not been disappointed and spent 100 odd hours on the previous generation bike between 2006 and 2016 . If I know the brakes in these new modes, then the bicycle will be incredible.

Follow-up feedback 2017 YZF R6 has a triangle and rider ergonomics, but the newest look and a more efficient air framework. It has new forks, brakes, electronics, sub-frame, tank, seat, and variety.

YZF R6 has been a super sports shooting over the past decade, and we got a bicycle victory. The truck challenges R6 trucks, and Motorcar is very small on a very small motorcycle because it took a long time and how really Yamaha really really.

The case center supports four-cylinder machines online, good geometry, and ergonomics that can always be processed. I didn’t change Yama. If you do a good thing.

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Those three key materials were maintained, as well as at my first session at Sydney Motorsports Park, the new bicycle is familiar. With only a dozen people with fellow runners, I have tracked almost, so I quickly prepared for the exploration of bicycle limitations and learning new changes.

After heating the return, where, I do not know if I’m in the eyes of my eyes, I do not know if I’m in R6 new or outgoing, I’m angry and angry. Crossing the start/finish line in the fifth gear (no need for the sixth)

Tacho 16,500 Arpiem Nudge and Speedo Passes 250 km / gone North (254 km/speed of Gong). With homemade confidence, I felt beyond the usual rupture marker, and the bicycle returned to the bike quickly to the fast tour to the fast.  Slipper-Clutch will be amazing as always and the bicycle has a corner speed similar to 250.

The bicycle is sanctioned and firmly through the peak full of potholes and turned the accelerator to stop for departure, 200 km per hour before turn To make a strong rupture.

Here I really will get a nice surprise. The brakes are powerful and give a great feeling within reach of the fingers. The forks are useful and when I break the bicycle deep into the peak, turn the bike, and put it on the knee, I will feel the improvement in the front. The bifurcations and the piles in the rupture section seem to be a well-fixed pre-model.

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