Kawasaki Ninja ZX25R Price, Launch in India, Engine Specs and Full Details in 2021

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Ninja ZX25R

Kawasaki is 4 minutes 1 minute Ninja Zedx-25, Ninja Zedx-25, a 4-cylinder truck driver on April 4, from Kawasaki bicycle. The brand has started the title video to check the start date. Another interesting message is that it is exposed to the price room by the land tax department data.

Rp. 64.8 million euros and basic version specifications are available because of Rp. 732 million won with top level variations. Rupee.  3.34 lakh and Rs. 3.78 lakh. Interestingly, 2020 Kawashi began with a Horizontal 250 Ors 6410 twin machine (Rs 3.31 Lakh).

Kawasaki Ninja ZX25R Specifications and Expected Price

October 2019, the first bicycle 2019, in October 2019, will be released in the first country in Indonesia and the first country in Indonesia and Indonesia. Now officially published, Indonesian and Daroxy dealers can be purchased. Unfortunately, this is only for Indonesian sales. But the good news will be announced soon in many countries in Ninja ZX25R.

Kawasaki first announced it for the first time, it never saw the world. In fact, Yamaha FZR250, Suzuki GSX-R250, Kawasaki ZXR250, the latest Honda CBR250RR 250cci I 4 motorcycles.

Ninja has been inspired by 400 years, and Ninja ZX25R rose in the same Kawasaki system and made his head Ninja H2 and H2R. The gift money from the ABS Basic Sector starts at 9.6 million IDR (5 RS 5 Lakh). The price of the Master Subtype ABS is IDR 112,900,000 (RS.5.9 Lakh).  Besides ABS, the most expensive Ninja ZX25R variations are also sought for dual tone literature. 4 choices of green lemon colors, black, blue / black and white / black. For variations based on forging colors.

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Well, the following zx-25r ninja is very amazing to consider requiring 250 challenges. Previously, we received two additional cylinders and power-oriented motors with the main premium. The complete technical details of motorbikes are invalid, but how many ps fortress ps can cause ps fortress?

One reason to decide on a carasaki bike in Indonesia was why he decided on a quarter of garbage cover and much lower than the biggest motorbike in Japan. Kawasaki does not provide Ninja 300 or Ninja 400/650 on the Indonesian market.

ZX25R help and sliding clutch, important functions, economic indicators, electronic sewer controls, electrical changes, travel management, breakfast power, ABS power, USD Folk, Power ABS, USD Fork, 320mm suspension. Dual ABS is provided, but only the highest casting. Measurement, 750mm length is 1980mm with a length of 1,110 mm.

The wheelbase is 1.380mm, a 182kg bike. The distance to the ground is 125mm and 15 liters of fuel tank capacity is 15 liters. Banda is a lot of 150 / 60r17m / c (66h) volume 110 / 70r17m / c (54h) before. Apart from the maximum performance, the kawasi has been marked even though the scope of 15,500 arpaem can restore this machine to 17000 ARPM.

 Likewise, they show official videos and show the runaway notes of this machine.  Kalasaski talks about Indian ZX-25R experiments, but there is no information about experiments so far.

Kawasaki India is currently focusing on the introduction of high-level motorbikes. CBUS Motor sometimes starts at the same time. Ninja ZX25R was only introduced by India and only once.

Indian Kawasaki motorbikes are very expensive because they will likely be launched. Bicycle KA Rejuanti published by Chicati Road is the price of the RS 4.99 Lakh Ballpark (X-Showleoom India) at a price of 400 Ninja.

In addition, Indian customers are related to evacuation and performance and premiums. According to Logic, the Indian market Ninja 300 is 300 years old and the ninja is 400, so it is 400 years, so the beginning of a 4-liter bike at the actual price is not a commercial significance.


  • 2021-Kawasaki Ninja ZX25R 6 Ninja 50HP First (37.5KClow in natural machines have a second detail for Ninzania Janza. Air capacity of suspicious impact 25 R.
  • Kalmaki, Rp. 9.6 million US dollars) was decided. Kawasaki Ninja is the final version of ABS and KRT Libreoa options, 112 900 000 IDR (around $ 780 billion).
  • This maximum a-pine torque – A-Pine (22.9 feet) NM) is lacking. Prices are evaluated from what we expect.
  • The base model of the trajectory and weight is 396 pounds (1.80 km in the case of anti lock ABS brake equipment).

Kawasaki converts the ZX25R 250cc (50.0 x 31.8 mm) 4 motorcycles to 17,000 rpm online. It’s in four driving modes and rises as a wire accelerator. The 37mm piston function (SFF-BP) and parallel backlinks with management loading loading Spring are suspension managed by independent rear dismissal.

 It is recommended that the front cover end and the reverse scan body blade. We accept property such as Kawasaki Torrent Change, Slip Frame, Help, Slide Clutch, and Electronic Valve.  2021 Kawasaki Herring Rd Ninja ZX25R Woofer 8

Kawasaki Ninja ZX25R is an online cylinder, online, cooling liquid, a 249.8 cc DOHC machine with 16 valves. This process is the only autobi, including such design in the world. As a result, it provides output power that can move the idea of 51 horsepower to 51 horsepower with the idea of 50 horsepower from 50 horsepower in 15,500 rpm (the same RPM). It offers 22.9 Nm of torque. 14,500 Arpi. This unique machine has six speed transmissions.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX25R Engine Specification:

  • Type: Liquid-cooled
  • Cylinder arrangement: Four cylinders
  • Engine: 249.8 cc DOHC
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Maximum power: 50 PS at 15,500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 22.9 Nm at 14,500 rpm
  • Fuel tank: 15 liters
  • Weight: 180 kg for the standard variant
  • 182 kg for special edition
  • Motorcycle length: 1980 mm
  • Width: 750 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1380 mm
  • Ground clearance: 125 mm
  • Front tire runs: 110/70 (17 inches)
  • Rear tire runs: 150/60 (17 inches)
  • Wheel disc: 310mm front
  • 220 mm back
  • Power: 45 HP 12,000 RPM.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX25R machine, send. Kawasaki ZX25R 4 cylinder, liquid cooling, DOHC wheat produces 45 pk and 33 nm. Transmission permissions are carried out at the sixth level. Because there is a tax exemption of less than 250cc in the same market as Indonesia, the manufacturer tries to find a better way to increase this section.

 The company makes fake items such as twins, and the 250cc-4-cylinder cylinder is not difficult for each other.  But Kawasaki is interesting. However, it is interesting to reduce weight.

Kawasaki Ninja Jedx 25 Small AR Motorcycle. Kawasaki suggested that four cylinders have a 250cc prototype in Indonesia Indonesia. At the end of this year, 250 new bikes can be released. Kawasaki works in the appearance of small motorbikes for the Asian market. According to online reports, there are new cycling of 250 cc online 4 cylinders of 4 cylinders.  Karagi has a prototype for bicycle mode in Indonesian facilities and can call Ninja JDX 25.

Guesses are developed near high-performance motors and 50ps potjie. This is a large ninja, and 400 power plants are large ninjas with 300 outputs made of two cylinders 49 with a double cylinder ninja. This motorcycle is set to a horse racetrack, so you will receive a sporty body and ergonomics. In fact, the Ninja ZX25R prototype was found in the Ninja ZX25R prototype at the Indonesian factory. In other words, motorcycle access rates are interesting in Murray.

This new bike assumes that there is a large design language for Ninja H2 and other features such as LED lights, digital device consoles, cable cables, and cable cables are used. It is hoped that the stop will be updated in the back and combined rear monol format.

At the end of this year, we can wait for the Ninja ZX25R from the Tokyo hall, and the market can wait for the market to be released early next year in Japan and South Asia. Because of the high production costs, the high specification of the front cylinder engine is expected to be sold near 2 cylindrical Ninja 300 and 400 sold in India. STAY HERE. ZX-25R is very difficult for kawistics. However, the 4-cylinder motor of India Nic Tsahi can work at RS 4 Lakh and four brands of online sports motorcycles.

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